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I'm a trauma informed yoga instructor, energy healer, educator and coach focused on uniting people through personal empowerment and social justice education. These have been reoccurring themes in my life for as long as I can remember. As an African American/Japanese woman of color, being a bi-racial person adds another layer of complexity to my lived experience. I lacked confidence and self-esteem growing up as a result of constant messages from society that told me I was less than because of the color of my skin. I know how challenging it is to maintain wellbeing in a society where systems of oppression impact us daily.


My combined years of ongoing education, self study, informal learning and lived experiences inform my understanding and approach to facilitating personal and community transformation through holistic healing modalities. I believe in the greater good of humanity and the importance of personal empowerment and community building to bring about change. I practice my own deep self inquiry and work daily to release my own ego to allow me to approach my work from a place of compassion and love, making me a more effective yoga instructor, energy healer, educator and coach.


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MA Communications, BA Psychology, Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-200 Hour), Certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, Certified Sound Healing Facilitator, Professional Trainer/Facilitator Certification, Life Strategies Coach and Fitness Professional Certification.

​I've studied and love all kinds of dance including- salsa, hula, ballroom and bellydance and I train in Kendo. I enjoy: writing, a good cup of coffee with oat milk, different cultures, traveling to other countries and the  joy of befriending a local person, a wicked sense of humor, cats with attitudes and dog-like tendencies, reading books that aid in my lifelong quest for learning, documentary films, animals, all kinds of music,deep philosophical discussions, lovely beings who recognize the difference between confidence and arrogance, beautiful beaches, slam poetry, very loud from the gut laughter infused with the occasional high-pitched shriek and the scent of jasmine on a hot summer evening, 


I get to wake up every day in the beautiful beach city of San Clemente with my awesomely cool husband  and two spoiled cats!



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