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As an African American/Japanese woman of color, I had to learn how to successfully navigate in a world that surrounds us with messages that might lead us to believe that we are less than.You and I both know that is not true, but having to constantly validate ourselves can impact our well being and have us questioning our choices and decisions every day. This can shatter our confidence and leave us feeling discouraged.


Sound familiar?

  We start to believe we should just settle for what we have and play it safe. We make ourselves small, denying ourselves the right to take up space.  Throughout history our ancestors worked to educate themselves, build businesses,provide for their families and risked their lives to advocate for their human and civil rights. We have always been leaders, providers, partners and caregivers. Yes, we can be strong, but we are also women who need nurturing, care and support, like everyone else. 

If you've been distracted by the noise, it's time to move past that and remember who you are. 

Seeking support in life is necessary. Sometimes we need someone to help us retrace our steps when we've drifted off our path or maybe it's time to discover options if you know your current path is not right for you. Whether it's a professional or personal goal, we need to see and hold our vision. Life is full of challenges, uncertainty and change, but we can still be successful and thrive. Each of us has the personal power to define our narrative.


I understand your unique challenges because I've lived them and as an Empowerment Coach, I can help guide you with strength, love and compassion. 


I’ve been coaching individuals for 15+ years in both personal and professional growth. I focus my coaching skills and expertise on inspiring women of color to elevate and thrive, while aligning with their authentic selves. I integrate a blended coaching framework that acknowledges and honors the reality of our lived experiences. I am passionate about empowering women to transform themselves and subsequently, our communities.  


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